Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Best of Show!

For 4th Grade you HAVE to do a Science Fair Project, so I chose the following:

Can you tell someone's sex by just looking at their feet?

I took a picture of 17 different pairs of feet and put them in a book.

Then I asked 24 different people to look through the pictures and fill out an answer sheet with either male or female for each page. The highest score was a tie between 2 nine year old boys. They only got 4 wrong which worked out to 76% correct---C grade.

The lowest score was 29%... my Dad scored a whopping 35%!

Feet #1 are....
Feet #15 are ...

Can you guess?
They are both female!

I really didn't care about the Science Fair this year and don't really like science, so I was really suprised when I went back in the room and saw my board with a "Best of Show" Ribbon!!! Wow! I couldn't believe it! Each grade only was awarded 2 ribbons and I was one of them for the whole 4th Grade!!

My mom, Grandma Worthington, Grandma Beach, Aunt Erin, Aunt Haley, Cousin, Thomas, Ella & Aaron all came to support me! Thanks!

Can you guess the sexes of these feet?

My mom googled the word feet and this picture came up. It is a picture by Sarah Ortega. Mom E-mailed Sarah and got her permission to use the photo and she told us the sexes of the feet. What would you guess???

Scroll down for the answer...

From left to right:
Male, Female, Male, Male, Female, Male

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Beach Girl said...

Great job Dexter! I am so proud of you for your hard work and creativity. You really did have the best project at the fair! We LOVE YOU!!!!