Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Best of Show!

For 4th Grade you HAVE to do a Science Fair Project, so I chose the following:

Can you tell someone's sex by just looking at their feet?

I took a picture of 17 different pairs of feet and put them in a book.

Then I asked 24 different people to look through the pictures and fill out an answer sheet with either male or female for each page. The highest score was a tie between 2 nine year old boys. They only got 4 wrong which worked out to 76% correct---C grade.

The lowest score was 29%... my Dad scored a whopping 35%!

Feet #1 are....
Feet #15 are ...

Can you guess?
They are both female!

I really didn't care about the Science Fair this year and don't really like science, so I was really suprised when I went back in the room and saw my board with a "Best of Show" Ribbon!!! Wow! I couldn't believe it! Each grade only was awarded 2 ribbons and I was one of them for the whole 4th Grade!!

My mom, Grandma Worthington, Grandma Beach, Aunt Erin, Aunt Haley, Cousin, Thomas, Ella & Aaron all came to support me! Thanks!

Can you guess the sexes of these feet?

My mom googled the word feet and this picture came up. It is a picture by Sarah Ortega. Mom E-mailed Sarah and got her permission to use the photo and she told us the sexes of the feet. What would you guess???

Scroll down for the answer...

From left to right:
Male, Female, Male, Male, Female, Male

Friday, February 15, 2008

Here is my Valentine Box for 2008! I made it all out of Legos.

Valentine's Night, Dad was at school and Mom & Parker & I were all sitting down to watch Survivor. Mom sat on one of the black leather seats and SQUIIIIIIIIIIISHHHHHHH! pOP PoP Pop! This was the aftermath....

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Okay...It's almost been 2 Years!

I decided Dex might hurt me if I don't start blogging on his site again. So here it goes...

Santa brought this big huge King's Castle so Dex

& Mom worked on it together and we finally finished it. Dexter added a few of his other creations to create a huge kingdom of legos.


Yes! I still create lego mom just has a hard time remembering to post my pics!

Here are a few of my Bionicles...

I'd hate to meet up with one of them in a dark alley!

Monday, March 27, 2006


This is the Lego project I took up to the Deyhle's cabin during the Superbowl. It had over 600 pieces, I think 657. With a lot of my Mom's and mostly my Dad's help we finished this before we left! Whew! It was a lot of tedious work.

Mom says I can't take this one apart, cause we'll never be able to put it back together again!

The wheels roll really smoothly and if it was real, I know it would be able to go fast! The guns look pretty scary. I don't think anyone would like to meet this machine in a dark alley, unless of course, you are a Jedi Master! May The Force Be With You!

Some of my Favorites

Since my audience awaits...

I bought myself 2 new Star Wars Lego sets tonight at Target (with my own money!)

I let Parker choose which of the 2 he wanted, he decided on the Clone Scout Walker. I gave this one to Parker and he and my Dad made it. Parker is going to use his Sylvan tokens to get me a soccer ball for a toy trade.

I got the V-Wing Fighter and me and Mom built this one. I think they are both really cool! The V-Wing Fighter even has a storm trooper to fly the ship. The close-up makes him look real...but don't worry, he's not!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

My First Post

Hi! This is Dexter. It took me, um aaaah, five minutes to get done with this beautiful blog. I am going to post my Lego Creations here. I will make ships, boats, cars and that's all. I'm getting ready to go to my last basketball game right now, so I'll have to write more later. We'll have to wait for my Mom to put the pictures of some of my lego creations on here.

My mom got me signed up for the Lego Magazine and I saw how cool it was that kids were in the magazines with their Lego stuff, so I wanted to do that to. I asked my Mom if I could have a blog where she could take pictures of the things I created out of Legos and she said YES! So here we are!