Monday, March 27, 2006


This is the Lego project I took up to the Deyhle's cabin during the Superbowl. It had over 600 pieces, I think 657. With a lot of my Mom's and mostly my Dad's help we finished this before we left! Whew! It was a lot of tedious work.

Mom says I can't take this one apart, cause we'll never be able to put it back together again!

The wheels roll really smoothly and if it was real, I know it would be able to go fast! The guns look pretty scary. I don't think anyone would like to meet this machine in a dark alley, unless of course, you are a Jedi Master! May The Force Be With You!


Beach Girl said...

This looked like the most difficult project ever! I remember you putting it together at the cabin.

chefleylesley said...

All i can say is, WOW!!!

Mac Ashley said...

Hi Dexter, this is Ashley, Alli and Lesley's friend who came up to the cabin on Sunday remember?

That is crazy cool! If you could pick any Jedi Master to be your teacher who would it be?

I think I would pick Obi-wan kenobi. He's the cutest.